I was really excited when I heard that there was a Woodchat Shrike at Great Orme, North Wales together with a Short-toed Lark. It was 24 hours before I was able to go on the trip, some 60 miles away, and I was delighted to find him still there and within good sighting distance. This picture was taken with the 20d. I managed to get a flight shot of the bird just before he disappeared some distance away.

Unfortunately although I did see the Lark, it was too far away to get a decent shot..


The Laughing Gull was another visitor to Wales and this particular bird stayed for about 6 weeks on and around a car park in Port Madog, usually with a flock of Black Headed Gulls, The Laughing Gull is in the foreground with a Black headed Gull behind - where it is easy to see the differences in the bill and legs of the birds.

A strange sight in Anglesey - this bird was on the island for a couple of days in Summer and I was able to take this photograph using telescope and the Contax camera. Anglesey really does seem to get quite a few rarities - a marvellous place to be for those special birds!!