Finding my first Hoopoe locally two years ago was really exciting. I was able to take a picture of the birds using a telescope and Contax camera; he was quite some distance away. I had digi-scope through a barbed wire fence in order to be able to focus properly on the bird. The light was poor. so considering the various factors, I was quite pleased with the capture of this lovely bird . He stayed in the field all the morning that I was there, and for a few days thereafter

Below is one of the Snow Buntings taken on the North Wales coast - they really are pretty birds, only appearing when the weather becomes really cold in Winter. To take the photographs I had to lie flat on the shingle beach where they were feeding in a little group of about eight, and gradually they came closer and closer and I was able to take some pleasing pictures. Every so often they would fly for a short distance - really looking like a small snow flurry. I used the 20d for this capture.