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Bird watching has been a most important pastime for many years,and this pleasure has been increased by taking photographs of the birds that I see. Frequently these are the birds in my garden, and I am lucky in that I get quite a variety of species to enjoy. Then there are local sites where one always hopes there will be new birds to discover or just the expected species to re-enjoy. From time to time I will make special journeys hoping to see a particular rarity, and when successful - it has become more enjoyable to be able to take a photograph of a new birding experience.

My photographs are taken either by digi-scoping, that is, putting a camera on the end of a telescope: I use a Swarovski ATS 65 HD scope with a Contax Kyocera SL300RT digital camera.. In April 2006, I invested in a SLR camera, the Canon 20d with a 100-400mmISL lens followed by the Canon 400mm f 5.6, and in October 2007 I purchased the Canon 40d. This was upgraded to the 50d in Jabuary 2009 and finally in 2011, the 7d


Thanks go to Psilo, Andy Bright, and my birding pal - Joelle

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