The House Sparrow is always a favourite and there are plenty of them to be found in my garden. They can be heard "chirruping" continuously throughout the day from the Leylandi hedge which is just outside my kitchen window. There are always at least eight or nine to be seen taking their turns to go on the peanut feeders, and at other times, they appear on the patio - hopping in and out of the tubs. where these pictures were taken.


The Dunnock, or Hedge Sparrow as it is sometimes known, is possibly the most overlooked bird in Great Britain. It is almost totally a ground feeder, and can be seen skulking in the bushes or shrubs in most gardens. On this occasion I was able to take a picture as he came for seed onto a very low feeder
These last 2 Dunnock pictures were taken in late March, when they have become very active

The Tree Sparrow has only visited my garden on one occasion, and is almost regarded as a rarity. It is distinguished from the House Sparrow by the brown "cap" and the black cheek spot. The population declined in farmland birds by 98% between 1969 and 1998 , I really was delighted to have had my camera handy when it came into the garden.
JANUARY 2009 Despite dreadful weather - or perhaps because of it, I had a flock or Tree Sparrow regularly visiting the garden, together with Brambling and a single Redpoll. These photographs are not as good as I would have liked, but to me were splendid record shots of these most welcome visitors.