Green Heron

A year ago, in the first week that I had my new camera , reports came that a Green Heron had been sighted at Red Wharf Bay on Anglesey. Having never seen this particular bird, a birding friend and I set off early morning, hoping to see this rarity. We had been there about twenty minutes with only a couple of Grey Heron visible. . Was about to move to a fresh site when a bird flew towards me and literally landed at my feet!! These are the very first pictures I took of the Green Heron with the 20d camera. I doubt I shall be so lucky again! The Heron seemed totally unconcerned by our presence - and it was amusing to hear later that concerns had been expressed about the bird being "flushed" We watched the Heron for about 15 minutes whilst it walked about - almost under our feet. A great birdwatching experience.