The Nuthatch is an absolute garden favourite! He does not come to the garden often - but when he does it is usually to hang upside down on the peanut feeders. He behaves a little like a woodpecker in that he runs up and down trees, and also sounds a little like the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.


The Treecreepers, like the Nuthatch and Woodpecker cling to trees. It is rare for one to visit my garden so I was pleased - albeit a dull January day, to be able to grab my camera as he climbed up the apple tree, and take this picture. I actually took it through the glass of the window because I was concerned that he would fly away before I had managed to record his visit!


Another favourite - and a regular visitor to the garden throughout Winter when they come to the feeders for Niger Seed. They are almost as acrobatic as the Blue tits - rarely seen singly - they come in small noisy flocks and are always a pleasure to have in a garden