This Great Spot has been a daily visitor to my garden since early Summer. He arrived as a juvenile and has continuously taken advantage of the food available in the garden. He feeds on a log which has holes filled with fat, seeds and nuts or will just visit the peanut feeders. I always know when he is around because he has a loud single note call -which sometimes reminds me to put out more nuts in the feeders!
MAGPIE - very hard to photograph in the garden because he is such an alert bird and off at the first sight of me. Here he is sky high waiting for me to leave so that he can take food from the feeders below. He particularly likes the fat balls which attracts the Great Spotted woodpecker (above)


The Rook is a regular visitor to my garden and is an amazingly intelligent creature. They are wary, so it is not easy to take a photograph, this one was taken through glass!! Frequently when I have put fat balls out for the Blue Tits on the end of a string, the Rook has worked out how to put the string up with his feet and bill, and steal the fat ball!!