The Great Spotted Woodpecker is a regular visitor to my garden and here he is,feeding on seed, nuts and fat, that I have put into holes, which I havedrilled into a log.. He is a young bird, in his first year, This picture was taken in October,with the Canon 20d,where the leaves of the tree behind have turned a rich gold/ russet colour

The Blackbird is another absolute favourite - they are almost tame - throughout Winter - or when they are feeding juveniles they come to the door when they see me - they are particularly fond of cheese. Of course they really enjoy the Firethorn berries ( Pyrocanthus) here is a female helping herself to one of the berries which are on a wall in my garden


TREECREEPERThese are amazing little birds. I was driving slowly through Parkland when I spotted something move at the bottom of a tree. I stopped and watched him climb up a little way, then fall down again. I was able to get my 40d and take a quick shot through the car window and this is the result.

WREN - taken in my garden in very cold weather during November 2010