This was a surprise visitor to my garden in December - and a first. Unfortunately the weather was very poor at the time but I took this picture to have a record of his visit. Blackcaps, although migratory - do winter occasionally in the UK and I was delighted to see a pair in my garden. I am hoping he will come back on a day when the sun is shining, although by then I suppose all the berries which attracted him in the first place will have gone !

The shot below, was taken in Winter in January 2008 when it was raining and very windy! The picture was taken through glass using the 40d and the 100-400IS lens, I was very surprised that it actually turned out reasonably well
and finally - two shots of the female Blackcap - only she has a brown crown!!


On a rainy day in February 2012 the Blackcap returned, tempted by an apple