One of our most common waders, to be found on any rocky or shingle coastline. They live up to their names by turning up stones with their small upturned bills, searching for the marine creatures which lie beneath. Turnstones are also known as Sea Dotterel, the birds are quite similar in their small stocky shape and both are tortoisehell in colour in Summer, black and white in Winter

Not a common wader in the UK. This one I saw in Brittany at quite close quarters. They really are very attractive birds with amazing long red legs
These are commonly found on Marsh and Estuaries and easily recognised by their name - Redshank - and their haunting clear call - a sort or tu-ee-tu -ee. They roost at high tide and I was able to take this picture when they were really close on rocks - waiting for the beach to be clear once more so that they could continue to feed


I was able to take this picture of knot at the same high tide roost. In winter plumage - it is in marked contrast to their red summer plumage. They breed high in the Arctic circle - but this picture was taken in Cheshire on the Wirral coastline.