NORFOLK: September 2007

These pictures were taken in September during a visit to Norfolk. I went to Cley hoping to see lots of migrants, rarities, something new. Sadly there was absolutely nothing on the weekend that I was there. That's birding for you! But Cley is a most pleasant place to visit and the light was wonderful even though the weather was not special in that it was windy most of the time. These pictures of the Black-headed Gull were taken around 7.30 in the morning



another early morning shot, taken around 7 am at Cley

The light changed continuously - all three pictures were taken within 5 minutes of each other


This Black Swan, pictured early morning from the Cley reserve spent most of the time chasing Mute Swan - none of which were eager to have his attentions. There appear to be more and more of these Swans appearing - usually with the white Mute Swan, around the country, apart from those in private collections



COOT - These juvenile Coot caught my eye as they played and dabbled for food in the early morning light