Mallard are found anywhere where there is water, from sea to small pond, reservoir or river, and from time to time will appear in fields - totally away from any form of water. They are very adaptable and feed on anything from scraps in the park, potatoes in a field, insects, worms, and of course, water plants. They are dabbling ducks and they feed by upending in the water - bums up and beaks down.


A diving duck - found on freshwater, sea and estuaries, and more common in winter. Pochard are often found in large flocks of up to 2000 birds. They are often asleep during the daytime - luckily this one was awake when I took the picture with the 20d. They feed, dive, mainly for aquatic vegetation


MANDARIN DUCK - quite a rarity really, but these I see regularly on the local canal, they breed close by on a river - which is little more than a stream - and really are a most beautiful duck