These magnificent raptors are just beginning to make a comeback having been near extinction during the 20th Century . Efforts were made in Wales to protect Kites and to prevent them disappearing altogether. There is a fabulous site at Rhayader - Gigrin Farm where I was able to take these pictures. I took about 300 on a very dull day in January and only a handful were worth keeping. I have not yet mastered the art of taking birds in flight - it is a real challenge - but an enjoyable one


I found taking this picture of a kestrel to be quite difficult in that it is hard to get close to the bird. This capture was made on Great Orme on a dull and windy day; the landscape was quite bleak and the Kestrel would fly every time he spotted me. Eventually I managed to creep close enough behind a stone wall to be able to focus on the bird and was reasonably pleased with the result