CANNOCK CHASE - a new site, introduced to me by Marise

This is a super place to go to when you want to see, at close quarters, some of our most popular common birds, We took some bird seed, and parked in a little car park at Friedas Grave. We put the seed on a log, close to the car, and within minutes the place was full of birds, in the trees and on the log. These are just a few of the pictures I took whilst still sitting in the car!!

YELLOWHAMMER - these beautiful little birds are more frequently seen in open country, on farmland, usually on a high perch. Here at Cannock, maybe attracted by the locals bringing bird seed continuously throughout winter, they feed on the ground, unfazed by passers by and hop on the log ready to be photographed!!

here on the log with some kind of berry!

COAL TIT - frequently seen in gardens, and in some cases more frequently seen than the Blue Tit

WILLOW TIT quite similar to the Coal Tit but not as common..

GREAT TIT another garden or woodland bird

LONG-TAILED TIT -again frequently seen in gardens as well as wooded areas


ROBIN - last but not least, and of course, seen everywhere!!