BEMPTON CLIFFS -, near Bridlington in Yorkshire, Bempton has the largest sea cliffs in Britain and is a spectacular place to visit with wonderful views of sea birds. These are some of the picturres I took in May 2007.


GANNET - an absolute favourite, this large sea bird spends most of its life on the open sea, except during the breeding season, which is when I took these pictures. It has a wing span of nearly 2 metrres!!

. and a pair ......


and in groups along the cliff face
and again, demonstrating the magnificent wing-span


From the Auk family, like the Gannet - this is a sea bird coming to the cliff face only at the breeding season and can be distinguished by the unusual bill!!

FULMAR - a gull like bird which guards its single egg, and if provoked, will eject a stream of half digested food at the visitor!! It can be on target for about a metre and a half!!!
PUFFIN - a huge favourite!!

.....and looking the other way



Such a variety of sea birds to see at Bempton - these are just a few samples of the thousands that breed here in May to July every year.