If you see a Long-tailed Tit - then you usually see a small flock of them. They are gregarious birds, in their flocks they flit rapidly from tree to tree, only resting briefly in their chosen location. They are a tiny bird - with a long tail, and are rather fluffy in appearance. They normally feed on insects although they frequently come on the peanut feeders in my garden. They do feel the cold and in bad weather conditions they will find a suitable hole and huddle together to warm each other! These pictures were taken with a 7d and 400mm f5.6 lens (Canon)

The following pictures were taken with the Canon 20d but with a Tamron lens 200-500mm. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch a pair of Long-tailed Tits carrying food to a nest. It really was quite an amazing spectacle as the birds would hover in mid air for quite a few seconds after finding a grub or catching an insect,

I wondered if that was an insect at the top of this plant that the bird was after?

Behind the birds - the pale columns are bullrush