EARLY MORNING WALK - Shropshire Union Canal March 2007


This is a favourite walk which I do frequently and really enjoy. I do a survey for the BTO which involves recording all water birds which are seen during a 5 kilometre walk . This walk is close to my home in Cheshire and involves 10 visits during the period from March until the end of June. This walk was made at the end of March, starting at 8 am. It was a very misty morning and taking photographs was rather difficult.

In this flight shot of the Grey Heron you can just about see the canal through the mist. He allowed me to get quite close before flying a bit further along the canal

The same Grey heron a little further on, in the field which runs alongside the canal



Again when he sees me - he takes off - but again I was able to get reasonably close before he took flight



Another visitor to the canal, a Mink, which flushed out a pair of moorhen on the opposite bank - too rapidly for me to take a photograph.