t took a very long time to capture this Bluethroat as they are very mobile little birds -and at the time I was digiscoping - which made it much more difficult, having to find the bird through the camera monitor, especially if the sun was shining . After several days waiting, this picture was taken at Suscinio in Brittany. He was a long way off but at least he stayed in one place long enough for me to make the capture.
This picture of the Bluethroat deep in the reeds was taken on a dull and windy day with the 20d and 400mm lens
..and unusually, a Bluethroat perched on top of a branch. Unfortunately the sun was shining infront of the camera, but I was pleased to be able to catch this pretty little bird in a different setting


The Bee-eater was also taken in Brittany on a remote site in the central area. I watched a breeding pair for a long time from a distance, but was very distressed to see a fox carrying one in its mouth which he obviously must have taken from a nest


This is a bird I always really have to search for and I have never been lucky enough to find one in England. However there is a coastal walk at Quiberon in Brittany where most years I can usually find one of these birds, and they are reasonably approachable. This capture was made using the 20d and 100-400mm lens.



.........rarely seen in England, I was delighted to see Cattle Egret in Brittany on my last visit - photographed using 20d