Blackbirds are a real favourite garden bird. They appear in the garden all year round. Early in the new year they can be heard from early morning and throughout the day. They have a fabulous song, clear and melodious. Many blackbirds can be really tame and this particular one has been coming to my garden for at least three years. Lilke the robin, he enjoys cheese - amd will wait on the patio, on a tub, until he is rewarded. In Spring and Summer he brings all his family - he is a wonderful parent and looks after his offspring with amazing energy!! He will take food from my hand and his young charges, have from time to time, followed me into the kitchen. On the photograph it is possible to see the twist at the end of his bill! I think he must be quite old as he always seems to moult much more than any of the other blackbirds, and I have also attached a picture of him taken during the moult. We nicknamed him Scruffy and he does come to the window when called!! Below is one of the juveniles.

Below, a female Blackbird also enjoying the Pyracantha berries


Another of my garden favourites, so easily recognisable by his song of repeated phrases. He starts singing at the end of November, early December - which always makes me think that perhaps Spring isn't too far away!

Just when you thought Spring was round the corner -