After a dreadful Summer, the last day of September saw the arrival of a few birds in the garden, back on the feeders. It had been some time since I had seen Long-tailedTit. A small flock, about eight, appeared on the nut feeders and stayed for some time enabling me to take a few pictures. I have fixed up a small hide in the garden and was able to be quite close to them


It is unusual, in my garden for a wren to stay long enough for me to take a picture, they usually dart back into the shrubs before I can even look at the camera - this one perched on a plant pot for a few moments close to the hide. I was pleased just to be able to get this one shot .
HOUSE SPARROW although they are supposed to be in decline, I am fortunate enough to have lots of Sparrows in my garden

STARLING - and lots of Starling too ....

GREENFINCH - This juvenile has soon learned where to find the nuts!!!

NUTHATCH - I love seeing Nuthatch in the garden; they are infrequent visitors - but this September afternoon they stayed for about 30 minutes, and being in the hide enabled me to take some close up pictures!

2008 saw an even worse Summer than in 2007 and to be honest - the Autumn was not brilliant either. Needless to say - the Blackbirds returned in Autumn for the berries.