LAPWING -Here, on either side of the canal, are fields, and in Spring, many have been ploughed. Always at this time I see Lapwing, displaying and calling "Peewit" - the sometimes used other name for this bird . It was very difficult to get photographs of this display - they make wild dramatic climbs and swoops - followed by dives to the ground - calling at the same time. A wonderful sight!




On the same walk at the side of the Canal I was delighted to see once again, a pair of Swans on the nest - which means very soon on my walk there will be cygnets too!


I was rather amused, but rather puzzled as to why one of the Swans took a dislike to the female Mallard and for about five minutes I watched as he chased her - both on the water and on the grass verge. The male was ignored - and he did nothing to help his 'partner'!!


Eventually - the poor Mallard flew about 100 metres away, and satisfied, the Swan went back to join the other swan by the nest