There are very few stretches of water where Mallard are not seen, and this morning was no exception. This pair had a nest on the side of the bank, however, when I came across them they were mating - with the poor female completely submerged!! Here, a moment later, she looks very subdued whilst he is flapping his wings - the conquering hero!! This male mallard may not be the parent of the eggs in the nest - once they have had their wicked way - they will often leave the female to get on with the job of looking after the offspring!!



...a more peaceful moment .......
...and a handsome chap

and a beautiful lady

the happy couple again
above, baby mallard - below - male pruning!
and at repose

As I live in the country - most days it is difficult not kill a pheasant whilst driving - as they spend a lot of time wandering across the country lanes. This one was more sensible and was enjoying life in the fields adjoining the canal Stupid they may be - but they really are quite beautiful!