At the beginning of June, Joelle and I visited La Brenne for the second time. The objective - Purple Heron. The first trip we made involved a long walk in difficult conditions, water and mud everywhere and not too much joy, as the herons were too far away to be able to get many decent pictures. However the following day whilst sitting in comfort in a hide at the Cherine reserve, the purple heron kept flying past to find food to feed the young which were in a nest not too far away. These are some of the pictures I took.

.. on the way out

and on the way in, although there does not seem to be any food for the juveniles!!

finally a close up showing the bird in more detail

Whilst I was stood outside the reserve, I heard a wonderful bird song and was just able to get a couple of shots of this Melodious Warbler before he flew off. Unfortunately he was high up in a tree and with the sun almost behind him; not the best of shots but nice for the record!


It is the second time that I have taken pictures of the Red-backed Shrike; these are lovely birds but so difficult to get close to, they are so easily spooked and always seem to be at the wrong side of a field!!


Although Black-necked Grebe breed in Cheshire I have never managed to get close enough to them to take a decent picture. This parent bird came quite close on a couple of accasions although in the first picture the light was not particularly good

and finally - with juveniles - having a lift. What was amazing was when the parent Grebe dived for food the juveniles were still on the back of the parent afterwards!!